Welcome to My World


Hello! I’m Hannah, saved by the grace of God and trying to live it out everyday. I am married to my childhood crush/highschool sweetheart Paul, who is an aircraft mechanic by trade. I am also the mom of 2 crazy boys, Paul Michael and Benjamin ages three and one, respectively. (I’ve always enjoyed using that term in a sentence). 




Have you ever read a blog post and thought ” Who is this person?” And while you could read the ‘about’ section of the blog and get a summary, it doesn’t give you a full idea of where she is coming from. So that’s what I’d like to do with this first post: tell a small part of my story (don’t worry more will be revealed later, I promise) so you can understand a little of who I am and what brought me to this moment.

A Vision Revealed

I was introduced to the wonderful world of blogging in 2016 when I began working as a virtual assistant, managing Pinterest accounts. At first, I was perfectly content to be as VA and had no intentions of doing anything else. But after spending A LOT of time on Pinterest,  I ended up finding other bloggers who inspired and encouraged me and before I knew it, I caught the blogging bug.

I knew I wanted to start my own blog eventually. I knew I wanted it to be a lifestyle blog of sorts.  I even came up with a name. But I had NO IDEA what to write about. I wanted to have a blog similar to the ones I found so uplifting, but kept running into one little problem, “What would I write about?” I didn’t feel like there was anything under the umbrellas of parenting, homemaking, and biblical womanhood that hadn’t already been written. “ ‘There is nothing new under the sun’, plus I really don’t have time to really commit to creating and building a blog.” I kept telling myself and would set my blogging dreams aside until “one day”…whenever that was.

You see the truth is I thought the itch would just go away. I thought with time I’d find another, less time consuming dream. But it didn’t. The more blogs I read, the more podcasts I listened to, the more I wanted to be a part of that world. And just when I’d think “maybe” the annoying question would come back again “But what would I say?”


A Direction Found

One thing you have to know is that in the world of aviation, the words ‘normal’ and ‘schedule’ generally don’t go together (unless you are working in the offices). So Paul’s schedule is a weird 3pm-3am 4 days a week. With 2 boys 3 and under, this odd schedule brings some unique challenges.

When these challenges arise, like any self respecting SAHM, I searched Pinterest for tips and tricks on how to handle it. I scoured the social media sites with very little to show for it. What made the lack of posts so discouraging was the fact that it added to my feelings of loneliness. I felt like the only mother in the world dealing with parenting when Dad works odd hours.

One Sunday, on the way home from church ,the blogging itch was still begging to be scratched. Paul and I were talking and I began expressing a concern I had about the lack of a Pinterest articles that apply to may current situation. After expressing this feeling to Paul, he very wisely made the suggestion that my blog address those issues. “Brilliant!” I thought. I may not be a seasoned mother, but I know enough about being a wife in this type of situation to offer encouragement to others in the same boat as myself.   


My Purpose

And that’s exactly what my goal with this blog is: to offer encouragement to you wives and mothers who don’t live in what I call the ‘8-5 box.’ Maybe your hubby is in the aviation industry as mine is. Maybe he’s in the medical field working as an ER doctor or nurse or maybe he’s a first responder. Maybe he’s in the military and is gone for days, weeks, or even months at a time.

Whatever your situation, whether your man is a convenience store clerk or a pilot, I pray you find a home here. My hope is that you close out of each post with a sigh of relief, knowing you aren’t alone in this crazy, abnormal, and often unpredictable lifestyle. Knowing that God has placed you in these times and places for one purpose: HIS GLORY


Will You Join Me?

As with most mommy blogs, I must confess, I haven’t “arrived” by any means. I make a million mistakes (most of which you will likely read about). I get depressed. I feel hopeless and alone. But God has made us relational by nature and so I desire to build a community of women who understand these feelings, women who are living in a perpetual state of survival mode. My question is simply this: will you join me? Will you allow me to share the real, down and dirty details as I learn to honor the calling God has given me as a wife and mother? Will you come and grow with me?



8 thoughts on “Welcome to My World

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  1. Excited about this! I live in a wacko world far different, but will rejoice, laugh and cry with you as you walk this new path! Love you and will be praying for you!


  2. Omg! Seems like we both are in the same boat. My hubby has a whacky schedule as well. and my daughters are the same age as ur sons. Plus i m 30weeks again… 🙈 i also just started blogging…


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