When Kids Movies Teach You

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In a previous post I mentioned that we recently moved back to Oklahoma to be near family and we are in a temporary housing situation, more specifically, living in my parents’ RV in their driveway. We went this route to save money on renting so we could buy our own house more quickly.


Well we have taken the baby steps to buy a house, and have discovered a few bumps already. I can already hear the questions “What bumps? You haven’t even met with a realtor yet.” True. But as I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m an idealist and that idealism has gotten me in trouble yet again by creating an unrealistic timeline for buying a house. So after meeting with the bank and having reality hit me in the face like a sack of bricks, I went to bed Monday night thoroughly depressed. Once again, I was not getting things in my timing and like a child was choosing to have a bad attitude about it.

The next morning I woke up, got my coffee, turned on a movie for the kids and sat down on my bed for Bible time. I was still depressed about the news from the day before but knew I needed to take those feelings to God. I was determined to start my prayer time with a “Why, God?” prayer when a song from the boys movie came on. I should mention the movie was Veggietales Madame Blueberry. If you haven’t seen it the moral of the story is cultivating a thankful heart. So when the song about the little girl being happy for the little that she had came on, my heart immediately sank in shame. I was mentally complaining because I wasn’t getting what I wanted when I wanted when I should have been thankful for how God had provided for us already.

I was further convicted when I remembered what our pastor taught on Sunday which was using your home, the place you are as a place to worship God…..even if it’s a RV camper in your parents’ driveway.

I’m not going to go on about how God’s ways and thoughts are better than ours, because I’m pretty sure I’ve done that in other posts. But I will say this. God can use anything to turn your heart back to Him. I didn’t think about the message of the movie when I grabbed it. I just thought it would keep my youngest son entertained because of all the colors. I didn’t go to church on Sunday expecting God to throw a curve ball at me on Monday. But he chose to take ordinary moments to remind me of a lesson I keep forgetting.

give thanks in all circumstance; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (ESV)

It doesn’t say give thanks only if we like our circumstances, but to be thankful in ALL circumstances. May this be a challenge to all of us (including me) this week to cultivate a heart of thankfulness. If you’re having a difficult time finding things to be thankful for, think about and even write down the things God has blessed you with when he could have chosen to make us do without. Watch Madame Blueberry again (or for the first time) with your kids or check out this book written by an acquaintance of mine.

Ultimately, we must remember that everything we receive is from God and that his steadfast love (Grace and mercy) endure FOREVER!

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