When You aren’t Prepared for Bible Study

For the past four and a half years, I’ve head the privilege of being a part of my Church’s Women’s Bible study. It’s been a source of encouragement and growth in my spiritual walk and a huge help in building relationships with other christian women.

But I’m entering a season where keeping up with the studies is becoming more difficult, Between household duties and parenting responsibilities, keeping up with study lessons, especially the more in depth lessons, is nearly impossible. In fact, this last week when I went to my study, I joked around saying the only reason I even knew what we would be talking about was because I glanced at the lesson title ten minutes before heading out the door.

Not Always Light-Hearted

I was able to find amusement in my uncompleted lesson but there was a time not so long ago that my attitude would have been the exact opposite. I would have been beating myself up for not balancing things well. I would have felt like a failure. I would have wondered why bother even going to study because I had nothing to contribute. In short, I would be depressed and embarrassed.

So Why Bother?

Maybe that’s where you are now. You’re wondering why even go to your study this week or for that matter, why sign up at all if you can’t keep up with the lesson? It’s embarrassing when you can’t contribute to the discussion. It can even be mildly frustrating when the lady sitting next to you talks about the hours spent on ONE QUESTION.

Dear Sister (or Brother), I totally understand! But even when I felt this way, I still made myself go to study. Why?

  1. I needed the growth. Those women who are able to spend hours on a lesson are able to learn so much more from the lesson than you can right now (and that’s something we should thank God for not be jealous of). And that means that they have much more they can share and are full of insights that can help you in your spiritual journey. So even though you didn’t answer those questions, go and listen.
  2. I needed encouragement. Many weeks, motherhood had pushed me to the brink. I was physically drained and emotionally exhausted. I needed the encouragement I knew could only come through listening to the teaching of the Word and through the prayers of my sisters.
  3. I needed fellowship. As I said, more often than not, motherhood would leave me so mentally drained that I felt if I didn’t get some adult interaction ASAP, I would completely lose my mind. I needed to be around other moms who knew where I was and could pray for me. I needed a hug from my friends to reassure me that I was going to be okay.

God’s Grand Design

As I alluded to in this post, God created us to be in community. He designed us to crave human relationship and interaction. He cautions us to be careful not to neglect fellowship with the church. God did this because he knew it would be vital to our growth in godliness. I’m certain that if I had stayed home every time I didn’t finish my lessons, I would not be where I am in my spiritual walk. But I still have a lot to learn. So I’ll continue to attend my weekly Bible studies even when I’m not prepared.

And as a side note to mothers, rarely will you be judged or made fun of for being unprepared. Most women view you being there at all as a miracle and will always be ready to offer encouragement when you need it most.

So let me encourage you to move past your pride (because that’s what’s really keeping you home) and go to study and just listen. You may be surprised at what God is able to teach you.

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