New Beginnings and Big Changes

Happy New Year!! Yes, I’m quite aware that we are already half way though January, but this is my first time on here in 2021. In fact, you’ve probably noticed it’s my first time on here in a while!

Boy 2020 was wild right? I won’t fall into the rabbit hole of everything that made it crazy. But I will give a short summary of what it looked like for our family and then go on to share some changes I have in the works.

Our Year in Review

2020 started off so well! We had just found out I was pregnant with our 3rd child. And just as I was starting to recover from 1st trimester morning sickness, Covid hit the US. I won’t go into the emotional struggles I faced or the confusion that was ever present in the next few months. Paul was home from work from Spring break until June (he works at a vocational school that follows the public school schedule to an extent). In April, Tulsa was under a stay at home order and I being a people person, did NOT do well after the first week. I NEED my people! But God did open doors to a new world of friends for me. I was blessed with the opportunity to join Usborne Books and More as a book lady and have LOVED it. It’s brought it’s own set of struggles, but it’s something that challenges me and fills me up, which then allows me to be a better mom to my kids. Summer came, and while it was a little odd, it still involved A LOT of swimming as it was very hot, and I was VERY pregnant. We were also able to go on my family’s annual lake trip (HUGE blessing as that ended up being my Grandma’s last trip with us). Then, at the end of August, we welcome our 3rd boy, Micah Joel into the world.

Big Changes

As with most people, I have grown quite a bit over the last year and as a result, my goals and passions have changed. Unfortunately, the mission of this blog and my passions no longer match up. So I will be “rebranding” the House of Blondes blog.

This was not an easy decision. But I honestly feel like the content I was offering had already been said 1000 times by women much wiser than myself. So, I will be changing the theme of my content to be a little more specific. I will also, be changing the face and name of the blog to fit the new mission. I’m so excited and can’t wait to share more with you! Stay tuned for Sneak Peeks!

Until next time,


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