My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

I am a podcast junkie. I love listening to my favorite bloggers share their heart while I perform my daily tasks because, let’s be honest, I don’t always have time to read blog posts and sometimes I just need to hear a grown-up talking. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite podcasts with you today.

These podcasts vary in style and content, but every one of them has played a role in inspiring me and encouraging me as I seek to build a home that is centered on God and the Gospel.

How I Listen

First I need to point out that all of the podcasts I will mention can be found on itunes. But as I have and android, I needed to find another way listen. I currently use Podbean on my phone and I’ve found it works pretty well. I’ve used Podcast Addict before as well as Google Play but haven’t found all of my favorite podcasts on google, hence why it’s not my preferred app. Now, on to the list.

The Homemaking Foundations Podcast with Jami Balmet

This is probably my number one favorite. Jami is the mom of 5 kids (two sets of twin boys and one little girl) so she is definitely a mom in the trenches. Her focus is on building a Gospel centered home and all of her discussions are on practical ways to pursue that. She talks about everything from the importance of theology as a homemaker to how to care for the family’s health through natural means. She is also an avid reader so she inspires me to read more and often offers book recommendations. Take a listen for yourself here.

Cultivating the Lovely with Mackenzie Koppa

I love Mackenzie’s approach to motherhood and homemaking as she draws our focus to doing things that create an atmosphere of loveliness in our everyday lives. She does this by encouraging women to practice self care through caring for our appearance with skincare, makeup, and dressing well, our physical health, and our mental and emotional health by being in God’s Word and reading a variety of other books.

This is an interview podcast so each episode is her having a conversation with various bloggers and authors. So whenever I need a book recommendation, I go to Mackenzie’s podcast.

Risen Motherhood with Laura Wifler and Emily Jensen

These two sisters-in-law cover a wide range of motherhood topics from how we dress to how we should make education decisions. But they do it while always pointing us back to the Gospel. They take the everyday moments and choices we face everyday and apply the Gospel to it. They also offer several free resources for parents who want to dive deeper into God’s word and books on topics they discuss. So for parents (mommas specifically) who need a little refreshment and hope, Risen Motherhood is for you.

Faithful Life Podcast with Matt and Lisa Jacobson

Matt and Lisa are parents of 8 children and have their own blogging ministries. They came together to create a podcast to encourage Christians to pursue Biblical relationships, Biblical parenting, and a Biblical worldview. (Are you starting to see a theme to my podcast choices?) The Jacobsons are fun to listen to as they playfully tease each other and hold nothing back as they talk about important issues facing today’s marriages and parents. Each episode of Faithful Life has left me encouraged and inspired.

A Slob Comes Clean Podcast with Dana K. White

Dana is a self-proclaimed slob. She started her blog as a way to track her progress as she worked to declutter her home and get it under control. She is my cleaning inspiration and my motivation to keep up with my cleaning habits and routines. Her podcasts (and books) walk you through her strategies on how to stay sane while managing your home. If you are needing a cleaning pick me up from someone who isn’t naturally organized, give this podcast a listen. Dana is funny and realistic and is very good about validating people who share her struggles.

It’s all about learning

I wish I could say I’m caught up on all of these, but I can’t. In fact, I haven’t listened to a few of them in several weeks. And honestly, sometimes, I get tired or hearing talking and need some music in my ears for a while. But I always come back to them. Not only do I feel like I know these people but they are a huge source of encouragement for me. They help me think about things different ways and inspire me to pursue holiness and sanctification more.

Maybe you’re realizing you may need some of that inspiration as well. May I encourage you to give one (or all) of these podcasts a try? They may very well be the jumpstart you need for your journey.

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